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Cleveland Association of Paralegals, Inc.

Cleveland Association of Paralegals, Inc.

2019 -2020 Coordinators

President - Jessica Kubiak

Vice President, Director of Policy - Tabitha Livengood

      National Affairs (NFPA Primary) - Jessica Kubiak

      National Affairs (NFPA Secondary) - Becky Kerstetter

      PACE Ambassador - Andrea Zwegat, RP

      Statewide Alliance Coordinator (Primary) Valerie Gamertsfelder

      Statewide Alliance Coordinator (Secondary) Tiffany Lubahn

      OSBA Liaison Coordinators - Tiffany Lubahn/Valerie Gamertsfelder

      CMBA Liaisons - Becky Kerstetter/Jessica Kubaik

Director of Operations & Communications - Tiffany Lubahn

     Website Coordinator

     Marketing Coordinator

     Vendor Relations Coordinator 

Director of Professional Development

    Business Law Coordinator

    Education Coordinator

    Litigation Coordinator

    Probate Coordinator

    Technology Coordinator

    Pro Bono Coordinator

    Ethics Coordinator

    Education Coordinator 

Director of Membership - Becky Kerstetter

   Job Bank Coordinator - Becky Kerstetter

   Membership Coordinator

   Student Membership Coordinator 

Secretary/Parliamentarian - Jill Sustar

Treasurer - Jennifer Sybyl