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Cleveland Association of Paralegals, Inc.

NFPA Convention 2011 - Agenda Topics

Please review and be prepared to vote when the ballot is sent out to the membership. If you have any questions, please contact a CAP Board Member. Thank you.

Agenda Topics:


Vice President and Director of Membership:

Jessica M. Swedenhjelm, RP, Pa.C.P.

Vice President and Director of Profession Development:

Theresa Prater, RP

Vice President and Director of Marketing:

Melissa Marquez Leslie


Karen Santagata, RP

Maggie Haase, RP

Region I Director:

Theda Yandell, RP

Region II Director:

Cindy S. Welch, RP

Helen Federline

Region III Director:

Cherylan Shearer

Region IV Director:

Valerie A. Dolan, RP, Pa.C.P.

Region V Director:

Beth Bialis

The above is the slate thus far. However, please note that nominations can be made from the floor.